New Year and New Projects for your eyes and ears

Glen in a tight squeeze as we travel in a tricycle

Happy New Years. I write from Iloilo City in the Philippines. My husband, Glen, and I have been traveling around to various islands since mid-December. I will be sure to share photos in an upcoming post. Our trip has had multiple purposes–pleasure of course. We love exploring new places, learning new languages, and of course tasting new foods. While I mostly eat as a vegan in the USA, I had to suspend that lifestyle for most of this visit. I will also get to visit family who have been inviting me to come for years. See you soon Aunt Rolla!

In addition, we have done research and writing–both about the Philippines and on our regular writing. Glen just published an article about the Philippines and President Duterte: Trump Under the Coconut Palms? It gives you a snapshot of our trip and also insight into the similarities and differences between the current political situation in the USA and the Philippines.

Freshly caught and cooked fish

While we were on a small island in Mindoro province, I did some audio recording for a future episode of Citizens Climate Radio. With over 7,000 islands, how do you tell a climate story that will help listeners empathize and connect? I figure the story of one family on one island is a good start.

In addition to reading a stack of books (ah reading in a hammock!) I reflected about the past year and the upcoming year.  As a Quaker, I have a support committee, a group of friends who meet with me four times a year to hear about the work I am doing. They help me work through questions and dilemmas, and provide on-going moral support while I am on the road. Before each meeting I write a report, which helps me reflect on the work I do. In looking ahead to 2019, I shared with them (and now with you) the creative projects I will pursue this year.

Christmas Eve at the Basilica in Taal, Philippines

Creativity in 2019

After discerning what I feel led to do and able to do, I have determined to work on the following creative projects in 2019:

  • 12 episodes of Citizens Climate Radio
  • Three  Spanish language episodes of Citizens Climate Radio
  • A six week radio drama course
  • The creation of at least three short radio dramas (one for the Climate Change Theatre Action program for which I received a commission to write and produce one short radio play)
  • A 200+ pages book about climate change. Working title: Let’s Face the Music and Dance! Creative and Unexpected Responses to Climate Change (manuscript to be complete by Sept 1)
  • The creation of a new monthly podcast to be co-hosted by a colleague and friend, Liam Hooper. The Bible Bash Podcast will be a monthly program where we discuss biblical texts
  • I am also considering creating a short podcast (15 min) to air twice a month. Bubble and Squeak will provide me with a creative outlet to experiment with audio, share more of my own personal opinions and to reach a different audience. 

I see an important shift in my work towards more radio/audio production. There are various opportunities ahead that can get me engaged with communities to work collaboratively and to help provide platforms for people who have been marginalized in conversations around climate, LGBTQ, and justice. 

Many thanks to everyone who continues to be supportive of me and my work. Thank you for reading, listening, inviting me, and encouraging me. Thank you for your input, suggestions, critique, and resources. I still have so much to learn. May 2019 be a year of advancement, creativity, and much love.

(featured photo: rainbow over Manila in December)



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