WVIA ArtScene Interview–comedy, climate change, and funny voices

In our local area we are fortunate to have WVIA Radio, a public radio station that still offers local programming. One of these is ArtScene with the host, Erika Funke, who records an interview with someone then edits it, adding music, quotes, and commentary to make a nice final product. It airs weekdays at 11:00 am.

I had the privilege of sitting with Erika recently for an interview that aired this week. In it I got to talk a lot about being a character actor and fusing art with activism. I spoke about my new play, Does This Apocalypse Make Me Look Fat? and even gave some samples, moving in and out of character during the interview. I also spoke very candidly about climate change and why I feel hope. I also got to I explain in detail the Citizens Climate Lobby’s approach to a carbon fee and dividend and gave a shout-out to the Sunbury Chapter, the smallest CCL Chapter in the country. Homo No Mo?!?

Erika wove in great music and lots of interesting information about Walt Whitman, one of the subjects of my new play. And what an interviewer. She sat in her chair shooting questions at me and then, like an orchestra conductor, she egged me on to get the best possible performance out of me. I don’t know who was more animated, me with my characters or Erika with her enthusiastic interview style.

I like the final product a lot, and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy ArtScene and a chat about performance art, climate change, and funny voices.

And if you want to hear more funny voices, climate comedy, and hope for the future, check out the Climate Stew, the global warming podcast that’s not afraid to be funny (or gay)


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