Where in the World is Peterson?

All of my communication energy goes to TikTok these days, and I have neglected this website (which desperately needs a revamp.) Ok and I have been podcasting–A Lot!

Back in the USA

After nearly two years in South Africa, my husband, Glen and I are back in the USA. We set up house in Sunbury, Pennsylvania in an adorable, large apartment on the top floor of a renovated railroad station. Rumor has it that Thomas Edison himself hooked up the electric lights, making the first passenger railroad station in the world to have electrified lights. Good news is the lights still work. Bad news is I think they are still powered by coal.

After 15 years of touring as a performance artist, I have hung up that hat, and no longer take most offers to present in person. Instead my introvert self is immensely content in spending time working remotely on podcast production. I currently produce or host/produce five different shows with a sixth one in the works.


    • Citizens Climate Radio — A Climate Change Podcast, which I have hosted since 2017 and has recently had a make over. This spring I will work with three interns to make even more changes.
    • Climate Changed, hosted by Nicole Diroff and Ben Yosua-Davis of The BTS Center. It is all about leadership, life, and love in a climate-changed world.

Being mostly in one place gives me the opportunity to go deeper locally. I now can get involved with my Quaker meeting in Millville, Pennsylvania, and the Sunbury Revitalization Inc, which is beginning to offer programs in their new performance art center. There is also small queer bar in town called ROYGBIV that is open only on Fridays and Saturdays. I try to make a stop in once a week to connect with folks. And every Friday I head over to the Sunbury farmers market to chat with the vendors and eat lunch. Mama G’s Kitchen has some of the best food around! There is also a new doughnut stall.

I hope there is a podcast you would like to hear, and if not, pitch me an idea for one you want! 😛

(Featured Photo by George Milton)



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