And Now a Word about Pets

Growing up we had lots of pets in the house. In addition to the typical cats and dogs, we also had rabbits, chickens, a lamb, and a deer fawn that we found wandering alone in the woods.

I adore dogs. They adore me. I am allergic to cats, so I stay aloof. As a result, they are all over me. They must value the cool affect of apathy.

I have lots of conversations about climate change. Not everyone is interested. BUT when I talk to folks about pets and climate change, they perk up. I decided to chat with a veterinarian about household pets and farm animals and how global warming already affects them. What is a pet owner to do? Lots.

Have a listen to Dr. Steva Stowell-Hardcastle as she outlines for us the many ways climate change and pets rub up against each other.


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