Women and an Abusive God

My recent podcast productions have focused a lot on women with some excellent guests.

In the episode Women in Wild Spaces, I feature Lilace Melin Guinard, a poet and non-fiction writer. We actually walked in the woods and talked about her her memoir, When Everything Beyond the Walls Is Wild: Being a Woman Outdoors in America, Guinard explores the challenges and rewards of exploring wilderness alone. Poet Hila Ratzabi reads and breaks down a selection from her book, There are Still Woods. In “Willapa Bay,” Ratzabi recollects her time at an artist residency in the westernmost point of Washington State, a space where she was able to have a spiritual connection with nature.

In my personal playground of a podcast, Bubble&Squeak, Wendy Sanford talks about the early days and the on-going process of writing the women’s health book, Our Bodies Ourselves. For over 40 years they have been expanding the definition of WE. And I share a person reflection on carrying for my sister-in-law as she died from cancer.

And that abusive God? Yeah, I heard about this from Hayden Hobby. For Quakers Today podcast we talked about his breakup with God, well the god they taught at his Evangelical church. He had to figure out ways to navigate a transition into a more grounded, mature faith.


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