Winter/Spring Tour 2009

Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano

And we’re off and running…

Having begun my 2009 tour in Cape Town, South Africa, I have since presented in Central PA, Portland, OR, Seattle and Spokane, WA. Having said that, the tour begins in earnest in March (this was just the warmup I guess :-p)

Below is a rough outline of where I will be. I put (pending) next to some of the performances because we are still waiting final confirmation on booking of venues, exact dates and such. Booking can be like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle.

You can get the most up to date (well relatively speaking) info at my on-line schedule.

  • Wednesday March 11 Rice University, Houston, TX
  • Friday March 13 True Colors, University of CT, Storrs, CT
  • March 17 Killingly Kids, Killingly, CT
  • March 20, 21 Rainbow Players Theater, Allentown, PA
  • March 22 UU Congregation of the Susquehanna, Northumberland, PA
  • March 28 Transgender Leadership Summit, San Diego
  • March 29 MCC, Los Angeles
  • April 2 Southern Regional Unity Conference, U of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC
  • April 5 William Penn House, Washington, DC
  • April 8 Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC
  • April 25 LGCM Conference, London, England
  • April 26 Cambridge, England (pending)
  • May 2 Stockholm, Sweden (pending)
  • May 11 Clergy Consultation Spring Meeting, London, England
  • May 15 Sybls Weekend, Derbyshire Peak District, England
  • May 19 York, England (pending)
  • May 23 Oxford Friends Meeting, Oxford, England (pending)
  • May 27 Belfast, Northern Ireland (pending)
  • May 29 St. David’s Uniting Church, Pontypridd, Wales  (pending)
  • June 5 Colonge, Germany
  • June 11 Arch Street United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, PA

I feel pleased that at nearly every venue above I will perform Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender  in the Bible. The same schedule last year would have mostly featured Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House. I have since retired that show. At Rice University, I will give a talk about the ex-gay movement, but now other people from Beyond Ex-Gay are doing  presentations about ex-gay issues giving me the freedom to do more around gender and transgender issues. Hopefully in Belfast I can do something around ex-gay issues since that has been a hot topic there since last June.

Vincent Cervants

Vincent Cervants

Next month I will spend time  with, Vincent Cervantes, a friend who is an ex-gay survivor and actor living in California. This young man has begun the process of learning the Homo No Mo characters and script. I will work with him for a few days to direct the production and to help weave some of his story and at least one of his characters into the piece so that he can begin to go out and perform it.

If I am coming close to where you are and you would like to see me present something at your church, school, meeting houe, community center or whatever, let me know! I always work in an extra day or two on trips so that I can add another venue (or simply hang out with friends).


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