When an Evangelical Woman Encounters Ecofeminists

I spent a bunch of years as an Evangelical, Conservative, Republican Christian. I also did radio work as a missionary in the mid-90’s. And I do comedy and funny voices today. Sometimes these things come together as you will hear in the following clip of my character, Elizabeth Jeremiah, from the Elizabeth Jeremiah Global Worldwide Ministries in Jesus. I always admired a woman like Elizabeth Jeremiah in the churches I attended. These women often had a hard time of it ministering in a male-dominated church, ambitious but carefully staying within the boundaries setup to keep them in place. Still they had subtle and subversive ways of growing their ministries.

Some comedy relies on putting odd things together. In this case Elizabeth Jeremiah discovers the existence of Ecofeminists, feminists who are also environmentalists. This makes no sense to her at all. Still she tries to wrap her head around the concept and see it from her own church world view. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed that piece, you can hear more over at Climate Stew.


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