Of Vegetables and Presidential Candidates


The NPR One App

An Audio Love Affair

I love radio and podcasts. Perhaps that is why I create my own. I also spend loads of time listening to programs on NPR One, a phone app that serves up a constant stream of NPR programs, news, and chatter.

My current all time favorite offering is the NPR Politics Podcast, particularly their Weekly Roundup I stream first thing Friday mornings. In addition to having  insightful and informed commentary about political news, particularly the US Presidential primaries, they also maintain a jaunty, friendly tone. Three or four political correspondence gathering and gab about the news.

Smart and Sassy Sam Sanders and Friends

It’s like easedroping on a group of really smart and sassy people who happen to really like and respect each other. I am a super fan boy of the team, especially Sam Sanders, Tamara Keith, and Asma Khalid. Oh the Beyonce references, the Star Wars geekiness, the voter demographics!


Tamara Keith

Each episode ends with questions from listeners and “Can’t Let it Go,” one thing happening in the news that is obsessive, oppressive or both. With the listener questions, they encourage voicemails.

So being the fan that I am I have sent them my fair share of questions sometimes with an assist from one of my characters. (Weeks ago Vlad wanted to know who Putin wanted for US president. Of course the team didn’t have to answer that one–the answer has became obvious.)

Playing my Question!

Now while the recent publication of my letter to the editor in Mad Magazine is the height of my public exposure that will never been topped, still I was THRILLED when I heard my question on this week’s NPR Politics Podcast. They played a question I sent in about covering the campaign.

What’s it like to travel with the candidate? What sort of access do they get and is there much of a difference between the Trump and Clinton campaigns? Oh, and I needed to know how Tamara is doing post-Hillary Clinton Bus Tour. Turns out she is desperately in need of an infusion of vegetables after all that Pennsylvania/Ohio road food. 

My questions and the entertaining answers by Tamara Keith and Sarah McCammon start at about the 37 minute mark, but seriously listen to the whole show. It is worth it!

Weekly Roundup, Thursday August 11 NPR Politics Podcast



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