Update from Pretoria

I realise I have been dreadful about sharing posts on this site lately. In fact, you may have noticed my social media presence has dipped considerably over the past several months. Fear not, I am quite well. In fact, life is so rich at the moment, I simply do not have time to even binge watch my favourite shows!

It seems almost naughty and inappropriate to reveal how well I feel in the midst of a very long and difficult pandemic. Perhaps the Pandemic has taught me how to live life more fully. I have suffered like everyone, but not nearly as much as many.

The little pleasures of life–spending time with a friend on-line or even in person, going for a hike with my husband, sitting in the garden and watching the birds gorge themselves on the seeds and fruit I put out–all these things suddenly mean so much more to me.

A friend in Canada regularly checks in and asks how I am doing. I responded the other day, “I am doing well. Playing tennis, swimming, hiking, and keeping Glen happy. We are eating well and I have been getting fit!”

His response revealed something I long suspected:

Wow, that is wonderful!
I think it is the first time you don t answer with ´what has been going on with work’, which is good if you are taking time for yourself!

And it is true. My identity and happiness have often been tied to my work. I LOVE my work; I learned from my parents, working-class Italian-Americans, that work can be pleasurable and fulfilling. These days though I am finding that fulfilment in connecting with others socially, moving my body, and exploring new cultures. As a result, when it comes time to post something on social media, I am not so trigger happy to share my latest podcast creation or TikTok invention or whatever it is I am working on at the moment.

I would share some of that now, but the birds in the garden will begin to wonder what happened to me and start to wander in the house like a dove did the other day looking for some fresh seed.

What about you? How are you doing? What is happening in your world?

Featured Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata from Pexels

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