TV Interview about Dangers of Gay Conversion Therapy & Wonders of Queer Theology

Performers on the streets of Belfast

Performers on the streets of Belfast

As part of my summer tour of Europe, I got to travel up to Belfast to perform and to sit for a Northern Visions TV interview for the show Another World is Possible. I dress like a slob, especially next to the very dapper Liam Og Brown. But in my defense I somehow thought I was going to a radio interview. I had my best radio voice on.

We cover a lot of ground. For those of you interested in my work around gender non-conforming Bible characters, we start on that topic. I give specific examples of gender minorities that are widely represented in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

Liam then asks me about gay conversion therapy and my time in ex-gay ministries. While I see these programs have begun to wither away in North America, there in Belfast there is still a debate for some about curing gays. I get to talk about my experiences and the destructiveness of these types of programs and processes that attempt to change someone’s sexuality.

Finally, he asks me about my faith and how on earth I can be a gay man and a Christian. Trigger warning: I make a disparaging remark about the tyrant cats that rule our gay household.

Another World is Possible: Peterson Toscano from Northern Visions NvTv on Vimeo.


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