Transgressing Gender in the Bible — Full Lecture

Back in 2013 I gave a 90-minute lecture at Vanderbilt Divinity School as part of the Human Rights Campaign Summer Institute. For those people interested in seeing Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible, here is one stop to hear most of the stories I present. In addition I perform a rare scene from Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House where I talk about Lazarus coming out of the tomb and the work of the disciples. You will also see a scene from The Re-Education of George W. Bush–No President Left Behind! in which I talk about the story of Sodom in Genesis.

Then I share Transfigurations. We look at Deborah, Joesph, several eunuchs, and characters in the Gospels.

The audience was made up of LGBTQ people who were part of that summer’s institute. According to the HRC site:

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation LGBT Mentorship program for Religious and Theological Study seeks to encourage and promote the dialogue on LGBT issues and religion in seminaries and, by extension, in our congregations and communities by investing in the next generation of LGBTQ and allied scholars.

So if you are interested in LGBTQ theology or know someone who is, here is my scholarship (with comedy and theater) for you.


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