On the eve of President Elect Obama’s inauguration, I went with my friend Jen to see the film Frost/Nixon. What a griping and insightful movie. After eight years of a descent into lawlessness in the White House, this film offered an opportunity to speak truth to power in a creative and unexpected way.

To say that I am thrilled about the upcoming change in Washington is an understatement. Yes, it will be rife with challenges and Obama is not perfect, but we need a break. We need to rebuild our country. We need thoughtful leadership in the midst of severe trials. And you know all this and others are saying it better than I am.

For a break from the Inaugural Balls and such, have a listen to this week’s episode of Trans-Ponder. Mila and Jayna sit down with me (and Marvin transpondervideobanner1and Chad and Federico Garcia Lorca) for a long interview about transgender Bible characters, America (with a super quote from Audre Lorde), Christianity, Quakers, effeminate straight men, straight-acting gay guys, and so much more. Have a listen here.


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  1. Jayna Pavlin on January 20, 2009 at 7:06 am

    We were very happy to have you back on trans-ponder, although I am not entirely sure you ever left 😀

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