Train to from PA to LA. Insane?

Last night I heard the Heritage Blues Orchestra singing an old song about taking the train home. Now that I have a few medium-sized Amtrak train trips under my belt, I am ready for a BIG trip out West (and the joy of returning home.) NOTE to self: Must create train songs Spotify playlist

I just booked my train ticket* from Harrisburg, PA to Los Angeles, CA. Normally the trip takes three days, so to save my back (and my sanity,) I will make three stops along the way.

1. Pittsburgh for 3.5 hours on April 15 for dinner

2. Chicago April 16-18 I will perform at a seminary. I am also actively looking for other places to give a talk or performance on April 17. I also get to see friends Charlie, Jaxon, and others

3. Albuquerque April 19: I have NO plans yet on what I will do in this New Mexican city, so if you live there and want to meet up or if you want a performance/talk (including my new one: A Queer Response to Climate Change–What Would Walt Whitman Do?) let me know!

I arrive in Los Angeles the morning of Sunday, April 21 and have the day to hang with friends before I head to Pomona College for a few days in residence before performing on April 26 in LaVerne then off to Palm Springs.

My return route begins on April 29 will include stops in Flagstaff, Topeka, Kansas City MO, and Cleveland, OH.

And what exactly do I do?? Well here is a sample of a talk/performance I gave this summer at Friends General Conference about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Princess Dress. I love me a Patriarch who can rock a frock!

*NOTE: train travel is a part of my low-carbon diet. It also gives me a chance to see folks along the way.


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  1. Diana on March 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    I have always wanted to take a cross country train trip so I’m jealous!

  2. p2son on March 11, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    Diana, well dreams can become nightmares lol. But I think it is going to be lovely. Breaking up the trip will help keep it fresh I believe.

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