I am on TikTok and a the newest member of BTS

No, my account has not been hacked. It is really me, Peterson Toscano. And yes, I am now a TikTok content creator. I am always curious about various social media platforms. It is the only game I really play, trying to find out how they work and how to make them work for me. I started the account when I was still living in the USA, and it went nowhere (even with some of my best characters and even new ones.)

Then I moved to South Africa and said, forget about trying to get followers and views, I am just going to do what makes me happy and learn some of the national languages while I am at it. I began sharing my mostly failed attempts at speaking Afrikaans and isiZulu. Then I started talking about being an American adjusting to a new life in South Africa. The culture and day to day life differs so much from the USA.

The Result? South African TikTok went wild! This one now has over 250,000 views!

@petersontoscanoI am learning ##Afrikaans. my neighbour is nosy and is trying to find me a mate. ##eish ##southafricatiktok ##afrikaanstiktoks ##vrou ##meise ##man♬ original sound – Peterson Toscano

In other news, I new work for The BTS Center. No, this is not the fan outpost of the wildly popular Korean boy band. The BTS Center is located in Portland, Maine and is an organization that works with clergy, community leaders, and concerned citizens to explore ways to live and act in a climate changed world. It is not an environmental organization, rather it is a place that creates spaces for discussions about values and justice and practical action with leaders seeking to build community.

They have hired me part-time for the next few months as a program consultant tasked with infusing the programming with art. As the curator of the Summer Arts Series, I seek to create a salon type atmosphere on-line. Each event will feature two artist. Each one does work that in some way intersects with climate change, extreme weather, or related issues (immigration, mobility, domestic violence, land sovereignty, ownership, substance abuse, mental health, community building, etc.) I am thrilled my passions for climate change, justice, faith, and art can all converge in such a wonderful way.

Stay tuned and you will hear about some pretty amazing programs.


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