Tie Me Up, Delilah! Bible Bash takes on Judges 16

As an actor, I approach Biblical texts in a slightly unorthodox way. Sure I use traditional tools to study the text, but I also use the training I received in the theatre to explore the characters presented, including the ones who are in the scene but do not have speaking parts. The story of Samson and Delilah has the intrigue, sexual tension, and depth of a Shakespeare play.

While Samson has often been portrayed from the pulpit as an irresponsible, lascivious playboy, a close reading of the text, especially acting it out, reveals a much more complex character. It also exposes a deeply tender and moving relationship between two lovers.

Liam Hooper, the co-host of Bible Bash, and I dig into this story. We ask, how does sexual play and bondage in an oppressive police state create the conditions leading to intimacy, vulnerability, and self-sacrifice. Liam also shares an original poem, Tell You Everything, as part of the Other Text section of the show.

Check out tie-me-up-delilah-judges-16. It’s available wherever you get podcasts or at Podbean.

You can also read some of my observations of Samson and Delilah as part of my LGBTQ-Friendly Bible series.


Featured Photo by jens holm on Unsplash


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