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I’ve been thinking a lot about sex these days. No, not the pornographic, salacious thoughts (well, not mostly). I’ve been thinking about the role of sex in my life and especially in the route I took to de-gay myself. In part these thoughts have been inspired by conversations with some folks who recently contacted me about wanting to go into an ex-gay program. The issue of sex addiction came up, one of the many reasons why someone may choose to go ex-gay.

Growing up I never wanted to be gay, but I always liked gay sex.  I started

Me age 14

Me age 14

fooling around with guys my age in my neighborhood when I was young 11, 12, 13 and by high school there was least one regular guy who did stuff with me (as I termed it then). He wasn’t really a friend, which was weird. We had no friendship apart from these sex play dates–yet they were incredibly intimate and even tender at times. No one even knew that we knew each other or would have imagined a connection since socially we were from different worlds and he was (and still is) very masculine and straight identified, but the sex kept us seeking each other out. But even in all the tenderness, it was not about romance. It was about sex.

Growing up back in the 70’s and 80’s (yes I am ancient) there was no concept of someone being openly gay in my school or my community. There was no gay dating. It was foreign. It didn’t even enter my head that a guy could date a guy. It would be like a guy dating a bicycle. Just not in the realm of reality.

To me to be gay meant to have gay sex. No romance. No gay identity. Just sex. In my late teens I began to attend a church that confirmed my suspicions that the “gay lifestyle” was all about sex. They added Biblical language to this and made it clear that one could not be gay AND Christan. It was about sexual immorality–not love, romance or companionship. Then AIDS hit big in the New York metropolitan area where I lived, and I witnessed what seemed a genuine plague against gay men, a plague transmitted through sex.

That’s when I decided to go to war against against sexuality. I wanted to be a good Christian, a respectable citizen and a healthy person. To me that meant I needed to eradicate the gay from my life.

Age 17 touring Europe with a Tuba

Age 17 touring Europe with a Tuba

Even in college when I met really nice guys who I felt drawn to romantically, I could never see it being anything but sex. I refused for there to be romance. We did it, and then I repented. Over and over again. (Yes, even at Christian college).

Years later, I finally left the ex-gay world. I began the process to detox from years of shame, fear and lies. I began to educate myself about sexuality. I began to find other constructs to being gay that extended far beyond the sex act without invalidating or demonizing sex.

I eventually moved to Hartford, CT and began working at a small private school. I was “out of the closet” but only just, and I had no idea what it meant to be gay. I knew it meant so much more than just having sex, but what exactly? I soon discovered a world of history, literature, culture and philosophy all having to do with being LGBT or queer. I plunged into a whole new gay world that included theology and dating and deep conversations and comedy and positive role models, music, faith and more.

I have since learned that there are stages of coming out that many LGB people (but not all) experience. There is a time after one accepts oneself when they primarily identify with being gay. It is all rainbows all the time. (Actually it  is quite similar to what happens when someone has a religious conversion. Goodness I remember how as a young born-again boy I raided the Christian bookstore of all their Jesus merchandise–even a Jesus pencil case!)

At Pendle Hill

At Pendle Hill

Then over time things balance out and the person integrates their sexual identity with the rest of them. In some ways they become “post-gay” where being gay is not such a big deal, just a part of who they are. I think I am much more at that place now. I see this reflected in the plays I have written most recently which have changed in themes over the years and shifted from being gay to  address politics, the environment, racism, etc. Most recently I focus on gender and transgender issues to the exclusion of gay orientation.

In a few days I will put up another post about sex (yes, more sex on the way). Funny, but on this blog and in my life sex takes up a tiny part of my attention, yet when I was ex-gay, well, we talked a lot about sex. A lot.


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  1. lower case paul on February 25, 2009 at 2:26 am

    Oh Peterson, “a Jesus pencil case?!?” That is sooo gay.

  2. Sheriah on February 25, 2009 at 7:11 am

    “More sex on the way?!” (You should have seen me laugh)! I thought that was a wild statement! But I know exactly what you meant..I must say I found this post rather interesting. That said, I reserve my comments about the many issues you have touched on, like i said in my email, but i sure will be waiting for the sexy stories post!! Peter, that was quite a mouthful! (Its nice to be honest)!! Ok, on a more serious note now, i have always doubted the authenticity of gayness in some gay men/women..Don’t you think some guys are not really gay, the just love gay sex??

  3. Lynn David on February 25, 2009 at 8:44 am

    I’m not sure the idea of going from “just sex” to a relationship necessarily has anything to do with a coming out process. Unless that process is shedding off the constraints of our social structures which have for so long only allowed that sex was all that homosexuality was about. To long that constraint has influenced our lives. I guess I hope for a day when no one has to come out of anything, they just are and life goes on from there…..

  4. Lisa on March 15, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Thanks for sharing Peterson. Great insights as usual. Love you Peterson- Lisa

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