The Zen of Travel II

Okay, on Thursday after four hours at the airport, I got a flight to Detroit but arrived too late for my connector flight leaving me in Detroit during the All Star Game with no rooms in the inns, hotels, motels or hell holes.

Through a gig at a conference last year, I still had the number of a artist in the Detroit area. I called him up and not only had a lovely place to stay, but the next morning we sat still for awhile then had a session where we affirmed eachs other’s work as artists and activists. It was a special time that gave me the spiritual lift I really needed.

Now in Harbor Springs, MI with the Point Foundation scholars I am continually moved to tears and applause as I hear their stories of overcoming genuine adversity and their willingness to overcome. They refuse to remain victims, and many of them will rock this world.

I’ll write more about them early next week.

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  1. Jennifer on July 21, 2005 at 1:52 pm

    Sometimes you can’t control things but instead they control you, such as with airline flights, train and bus schedules, and personal vehicles. If life was perfect, then things would get boring really fast. It’s the hardships and inconviences of life that often make it much more interesting

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