The Weirdest Story Ever Told–The Afterbirth of Jesus!

As a Bible scholar, I like to look at a story from new perspectives. I love telling the story of Esther from the vantage point of one of the 12 eunuchs listed in the narrative. When I talk about Joseph in Genesis, I slip into Esau, his gruff, butch uncle to add some new understanding of the tale (see video below.) This past summer at the New England Yearly Meeting of Quakers as part of my Bible Half Hour Series I shocked (and hope delighted) the audience with a new telling of the story of Jesus with the addition of a new character–The Placenta of Christ.

New England Yearly Meeting 2015

New England Yearly Meeting 2015

Yes it sounds weird. To some it may even sound inappropriate. But what starts out as a bizarre twist quickly becomes a serious theological affair that helps me look at issues like dualism, political and social apartheid, and police violence. Later this year with the help of a friend, Joey Hartman-Dow, I will release an illustrated story, The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus. If you want to know when it is available, signup for my newsletter.

But if you want to hear the story for yourself, have a listen!


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