The Very Grounded Cross-Country Train Tour

In January I announced that I will no longer fly for work or pleasure within North America (I haven’t sorted out yet what I will do with Europe and South Africa, but since there are no trips to sort for well over a year, I have time.)

Strange how one decision like that–grounding myself–can actually open up doors. I travel for 97% of my performances. I have a rare local presentation this week at Susquehanna University, but mostly I have to travel to present.

Some months ago Dr. Erin Runions of Pomona College invited me to come to Claremont, CA (in South California) to present Transfigurations and to work with a group of her students on developing queer readings of Bible texts through theater. The request came just as I had made my decision to no longer fly. That meant I needed to look into a three day train journey, which may sound romantic, but romance costs some serious money if you hope to experience it in a sleeper car. Since I cannot afford that sort of romance, I need to ride coach.

I put the word out that I could make stops along the way and on the way back and BAM! I now have the Very Grounded Cross-Country Train Tour with stops on the way to CA in Chicago (4/16-18) and Albuquerque (4/19). On the way back I will stop to visit a dear friend who will travel up to see me in Flagstaff (4/29) then I have a few days in Wichita with friends and family (5/1,2), a performance in Manhattan, OK (5/3), Kansas City, MO (5/4), Akron, (5/6) and Cleveland, OH. You can see the whole schedule here.

I am still looking for a possible venue in Wichita if anyone is the the position to invite me to perform or present at a community center, theater, place of worship, etc.

A trip like this takes much longer than if I were going to fly, but instead of flying over a chunk of the US, I get to stop, connect with old friends and new, and present in places that I have long schemed with friends about, but never had the chance to do it.


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