The Secret Lives of Quakers Revealed

As a Quaker, I intentionally spend a lot of time in silence both on my own and in groups during Quaker meeting for worship. I can be sitting and quiet for a full hour, which might be a little too much for some people, but after years of being pummeled by words in church, I appreciate a little peace and quiet.

While it may look like I am just sitting there doing nothing, often a whole world opens up inside my head. At times I create whole monologues, solve complex problems, and work through a troubling emotional conundrum.

No doubt some of the times I am bored out of my mind and every minute drags on, but typically it is a positive experience. I decided to create a short video explaining what happens for me in Quaker worship. It is actually very much like running a utility on my computer. Yes, a defrag from my soul!

Revealed! What Really Happens in Quaker Meeting for Worship


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