The Peterson Apocalypse Fall Tour Schedule

While my amazing tour manager duo, Jane and Karina, still have some final bookings to confirm, I have most of my fall 2014 schedule posted. In addition to performing Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible, a performance lecture that explores the stories and lives of gender outlaws in the Bible, I have four new presentations I now have ready for public enjoyment and edification.

These include

The tour begins this weekend with a performance of Transfigurations in State College, PA on Saturday followed by a special presentation about my own funky, off-beat look at global warming on Sunday at the Friends Meeting. Later in the month I will hop on an Amtrak train and cross the country heading up into Vancouver, BC. The train is like a rolling reading retreat for me as I nestle in my sleeper car.



The Peterson Apocalypse Tour includes:

  • Oct 7 & Oct 15 Susquehanna University
  • Oct 18 & 19 Lancaster, PA
  • Oct 29-Nov 2 Minneapolis, MN
  • Nov 5-10 British Columbia
  • Nov 11-15 Washington and Oregon
  • Nov 19 & 20 Simpson College, Indianola, IA
  • Nov 22 & 23 Pittsburgh

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