The Homosexual Agenda vs. the Fossil Fuel Lifestyle

We have been distracted  from reality these past 30 years. Conservatives and Liberals have been caught up in skirmishes about what happens in the bedroom and who has the legal right to be there together. We have fought on the front lines over identity, having to stand up to protect what hold dear. For Conservative Christians it’s been the fear that something valuable and traditional might be lost bringing about horrible consequences. For LGBTQ people its been real loses over and over. As a result we demanded that our basics need be met, the rights to be full citizens with the same legal rights as everyone else, to live openly as who we are with the one we love without retaliation in our homes and families, on our jobs, or in the streets. Fear breeds conflict, and for over 30 years we have lived in a whirlwind of fear soaked cultural wars.

All the while, as we have attacked and counterattacked and strategized and raised money, the planet has changed under our feet. LGBTQ Rights are important, no doubt. People need safety, security, and the same rights as everyone else. We need to continue the fight for transgender rights and consider the urgent needs of LGBTQ teens and seniors as we also take part in the global struggle for LGBTQ human rights. But in light of Global Warming, we also need to work together, laying down our arms against each other–Conservatives, Liberals, Radicals, Heterosexuals, Cisgender, and LGBTQ folks, to address the current and growing climate crisis. We all come to the table with lots of skills and experience, some of which we developed as we fought against each other. Now we have to come together to face a common foe, one of our own making. We got ourselves into this mess, and we are going to have to work together to to get ourselves out of it. 


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