The Climate Stew is Ready!

After weeks of preparation, the Climate Stew Team and I are ready to present to the world our NEW WEBSITE and the Climate Stew Podcast.

We take global warming seriously, but don’t scare the snot out of you. Explore your role on a new planet with Climate Stew.

At Climate Stew we will look at global warming with a fresh, cheeky approach though our blog and podcast. We are considering lots of lenses through which we can view climate change. How is it a queer issue? An issue that already concerns people of color? A faith issue? We see it so much more than simply a scientific and policy issue. And we also feel hope. We seek out hope. We plan on sharing that  hope along with our fears and how we are facing them.

Oh, and humor too. We try to be funny when we can. We need to relax our tensed up, terrified brains, so that we can think critically and face the future together.

Check out the first episode of the podcast (only 13 minutes and transcript included) In it:

  • We talk about coffee mmmmmmm
  • I explain why on earth I am marching for climate change (a humorous essay where I reveal I am rubbish as an environmentalist)
  • and you will hear: This Day in Climate History: A radio broadcast from the future that revisits the past to help us respond to climate change in the present.

We also have GREAT music.

Welcome to Climate Stew. Please visit and share us with your friends.


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