The Church Lady Discovers the Ecofeminists

I have another yummy bowl of Climate Stew ready for you. This week’s program (Episode 10! Wow) gives us another chance to hear how Elizabeth Jeremiah, from the Elizabeth Jeremiah Global Worldwide Ministries in Jesus, sees the world. While she is all caught up in her Pentecostal Holiness understanding of her surroundings (The Heavenly Firmament or what you like to call, the atmosphere,) she does see some things very clearly even if she is not aware of it. She takes on Ecofeminism and wonders if, “ecofeminism was created in some Left Wing think tank as a weapon of mass destruction in order to give Conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh a heart attack.”

Also, learn about what is happening in Ireland and what is projected to happen in regards to changing weather patterns. Will the Irish Sea be the hot new holiday spot of choice for Southern Europeans looking to escape the heat? Finally, we have a word from the year 2164 looking back at possible events in 2017

Enjoy Episode 10 of Climate Stew!

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