The Bible–Enemy and Friend

Heath posted a powerful blog entry about his own personal tortured and special history with the “World of God”.

I ran to the Bible whenever the fight became too hard. I ran to it like an abusive lover; it’s words and its ideas hurt, but I enjoyed the pain. The pain meant that it was working. The pain was part of the process. I wrapped myself in the pain, believing with all of my heart that it was the antidote to the horrible, sinful feelings I had. I waited patiently for my transformation, but it never came.

My Enemy, My Friend

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  1. alex resare on December 22, 2006 at 10:41 pm

    I tried not to read that post when he first posted it. But I couldn’t help myself. Now I had to read it again.

    I am so in the same place Heath was. I had to compensate reading his post by reading the bible for twice as long like a antidote.

    I don’t like the place I am in right now.

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