The Afterbirth of Jesus and other Important Projects

Wow, it has been some weeks since I blogged here. After a insane bout of allergies that led to an infection, I then went away for 10 glorious days in New England and then Baltimore. Really the allergies were out of control. And turns out it was not my imagination running away from me (sing it! Now it is stuck in your head) Even Jon Stewart confirms that this was the worst allergy season ever, as was last year’s and the year before. Yeah, it is getting worse.

Ad_cover7cLately I have been thinking about connecting the dots. After reading the excellent graphic novel A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld, and reading some of Brentin Mocks essays about #BlackLivesMatter, policing, and disaster relief, I considered the possible positive future effects from all the recent, robust demands for police reform. How will these changes be felt and experienced during extreme weather events when cities become occupied police states. On a recent episode of the Climate Stew Show I fantasized about a report from 150 years in the future that looks back and lauds the #BlackLivesMatter Movement because of the successes won in changing police policies.

In addition to considering a better  future, I looked deep into the past, to the time of Jesus, and created a story about a NEW character in the Jesus story. What if on the heels of baby Jesus surging through the birth canal into the world, (cue the cattle and sheep, angels and Magi) another being pop out–a Super Placenta,  fully animated, infused with the holy soup that marinated Jesus during those nine months of divine gestation? What if this placenta truly believes she is the twin sister of Jesus, inexplicably despised and rejected of men, is tossed on the dung and trampled on by livestock? What if in a huff she slinks off to go on her own set of adventures? What happens then?

I attempt to answer these questions and more in my story, The Amazing Adventures of the Afterbirth of Jesus, which is now being turned into a graphic novel by a fine artist at Us & We Art.

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

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featured image: The Dangerous Logic of Wooing by Ernesto Neto at the Hisrshhorn Gallery in Washington, DC

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