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Peterson Toscano has performed in front of thousands of audiences throughout North America, Europe, and Africa. You may find him at a university, academic conference, arts festival, theater, high school, gay club, community center, or even the odd living room. A master performer and communicator, those who have seen his work and have gone out of their way to bring him to their communities attest to the unique set of skills Peterson brings with him.

It is less a honed skill than an innate gift which allows someone to be able to transform raw, painful, brutal honesty into the kind of art that speaks universally. What Peterson Toscano does on stage is to walk you through that process, and you emerge on the other side completely transformed. Whether you are a fellow LGBT+ community member, an ally, or someone who has never been exposed to anyone in the gender/sexual minority world, it is impossible to hear him and find yourself anything but firmly resolved to carry the fight for affirmation and social justice forward.

Juli Myers
, writer

We had Peterson in our home as our daughter started a gay straight alliance group in our high school. Not only did he perform an extremely moving rendition of the Lazareth story for our kick off, he was available the entire weekend for open discussion with anyone that wanted to talk. We had protesters outside our venue with signs and I have never met anyone that handled opposition with more grace and humility. I am grateful to have met and had Peterson in our home. I will never forget his performance, in the Theatre and out.

Tim Morris, Portland, Indiana
, Straight Ally,

Peterson's works are hilarious, touching, and poignant. He is a masterful storyteller and a scholarly theologian. A rare gem. Drop everything and go see this show!

Stuart Sanks
, Audience Member, Denver, CO

As a biblical scholar I'm always a bit skeptical about dramatic interpretations of biblical texts, whether they will truly capture the complexity of the originals; however, Peterson's performances bring to light dimensions of the texts that many, even those of us who spend hours with the text on the page, fail to see. By bringing the stories and characters to life we're able to see the human-ness of the biblical narratives in all its gore and glory.

Lynn Huber
, Associate Professor of Religious Studies--New Testament and Early Christian History, Elon College.

Peterson's unique ability to bring his audiences with him on his theatrical journeys makes people feel at ease, whether they are familiar with the subject matter or not. I have seen him perform to mesmerized groups of 11 year olds, huge crowds of festival-going adults, living-room party gatherings, and in crowded pubs; whatever the venue or demographic, Peterson is able to read the room and involve his audience in a way that makes them feel part of his show- we laugh, we cry, we laugh a bit more, and we always leave with a lot to think about. Don't miss an opportunity to have him perform in your town!

Shirley McMillan
, Author of A Good Hiding and Widows Row

Bible-lovers, gender-transgressors of all sorts, people who love justice! Make haste to see Peterson Toscano's play Transfigurations as soon as possible! His biblical exegesis is insightful and accurate, and you will glean a whole new perspective painlessly because of his charming performance.

Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott
, Author of Omnigender

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