Bubble and Squeak podcast Ep 10: Dan Savage Dildo Advice, Phallic Fruit, & Military Cadets

The 2020 season of Bubblier&Squeak podcast with episode ten: Phallic Fruit. Like most episodes it contains three parts.

Part One A true story about getting re-gayed. It’s entitled “Do you need lube to go with that that?” It chronicles my first time with a dildo and how that inspired a silly monologue which led to a real life prank phone call to Dan Savage on his Savage Love Podcast.

Part Two A quick visit to the Homo No Mo Halfway House. It was 17 years ago this month I first premiered this Ex-Gay Exposé. Through eight characters in 90 minutes I comically critiqued America’s most notorious conversion therapy program. In addition to the standard rules of the program, you will learn of a new rule–the prohibition of phallic fruits and vegetables. Turns out one of the participants has a PFF–A Phallic Fruit Fetish.

The Citadel Military College parade Feb 2019 (Credit Toscano)

Part Three a Sound Slice: from The Citadel Military College in Charleston, SC.  Thousand of cadets march with military precision. They all look identical until you look closer; the differences appear. What about the hidden differences covered by the pomp and circumstance of the military parade?

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(Featured Photo by Jon Butterworth on Unsplash)