Sweet Lovely Bisexual Action. A visit with Robyn Ochs

This week my husband, Glen Retief, and I have the delicious pleasure of hosting Robyn Ochs, the bisexual activist and the very best group facilitator I have ever seen in my life (and I am not exaggerating.) Robyn will speak at nearby Bloomsburg University then head over to Sunbury, PA to spend the night with us.

Robyn has been out there as a bi activist since 1985, a pioneer when bi folks identifying as lesbians and gays usually felt inhibited to come out as bisexual. She has been a brilliant organizer of community, bringing bisexual folks together in groups and conferences and bringing others in to learn and grow. Robyn has written a lot about bi issues through the years and about breaking out of all kinds of binaries. She is also a tireless speaker, so energetic and skilled. While giving a presentation, no matter if it is just 12 people or 200, she amazingly gets everyone involved. And lightbulbs go off left and right (and beyond the binary.)

Check out this video of Robyn talking about her work as a bi activist. You will get a glimpse of the warmth, wisdom, and passion she brings into every room she enters.

“In recent years I’ve come to realize that being a bi activist is not even just about being bisexual. It is about creating space for fluidity; It’s about creating space for complexity. It’s about creating space. It is about challenging binaries, and the more I realize the connections between different issues, the more I get excited about doing this work.

-Robyn Ochs

And check out this episode of Queer and Queerer when Zack Ford and I Interviewed Robyn.


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