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Yes, Virginia, Some Things Have Gotten Better

It sometimes seems the entire world and society is on a steady course of decline, and that the descent is going faster and faster. That is the story the news often tells. It is definitely what motivates people to donate to causes and campaigns. The reality is though, we do not hear most of the good news stories about how the world has become a better place and how there is steady improvement in some parts of the world.

The most recent episode of Susquehanna Life Out Loud podcast features three stories that both inspired and encouraged me.

Dr. Mel Zimmerman from the Lycoming College Clean Water Institute, updates us about the Susquehanna River and the many creeks and streams in the region. Dr. Zimmerman is featured in Darrin Youker’s article in the 2020 issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine. Dr. Zimmerman also shares ways you can show some kindness to the Susquehanna River and area water ways. You can follow the Clean Water Institute on their Facebook Page

In anticipation of her 50th birthday Karen Hendricks decided to try something completely different. An avid runner, she signed up to run 50 races for 50 different causes. Susan Ryder writes about Karen’s year-long celebration in the Winter 2020 issue of Susquehanna Life Magazine. Peterson Toscano chats with Karen to find out more about her adventure, what she learned, where she ran, and how the Covid-19 Global Pandemic interrupted but did not deter her plans.

Joanne Troutman, the President and CEO of the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way tells us about wildly successful Kindness Campaign that United Way helped organized earlier this year. She also reveals bigger plans for the 2021 Kindness Campaign. Follow them on Facebook.

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Photo by Hoang Le on Unsplash