Susquehanna Life Out Loud — My Latest Audio Creation

I am thrilled to announce that now produce & host a  new podcast Susquehanna Life Out Loud

I live along the Susquehanna River which forms a large and very long valley, which we locals just refer to as The Valley. It is jam packed with nature, local culture, amazing food, festivals, and events.

The people of The Valley are a unique brand of American. We live three hours or less from some of the largest cities in the USA, yet we have remained isolated and insulated from the wider world for a long time. That has been changing because of the Internet and chain stores and restaurants, but the region still retains much of its own specific flavor along with hundreds of small farms and scores of old time farmer’s markets.

James Stroud and Glen Retief in Cape Town, SA

Susquehanna Life Magazine has highlighted the region for the past 25 years. I first became aware of the magazine in 2013 when my husband Glen, who is originally from South Africa, wrote an article, 48 Hours in the Susquehanna Valley. His childhood friend, James Stroud, visited for two days, so Glen pulled out the stops and showed off the region. James, a successful African wild life painter was charmed, captivated, and awed by it all. For him it was downright exotic.

In reading Glen’s article, I read other portions of the magazine and  found about a dozen places and events in the region I had never heard of before. Through the years each issue continually surprises me with fresh ideas for new excursions, adventures, and my favorite of all, food to sample in the region.

I decided I wanted to produce a podcast to coincide with each issue of the magazine. I interviewed Glen and created a pilot episode I pitched to Erica Shames, the founder and publisher of the magazine. She loved it! Within three days we agreed to go ahead. We have been sorting through possible theme songs, looking at cover art for the podcast avatar, and hastily planning the Spring 2020 issue episode of the podcast.

The podcast is up and running and already showing up in various podcast providers like Spotify, Stitcher, etc. Enjoy!

Cover art by Christine Bakke


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