A story about bread and family: Tiny Nipples

My personal podcast, Bubble&Squeak, regularly gets weird. Just the titles suggest weirdness: Anal Thermometer, Jerk Demons, and Hairless Gerbils are each two word titles taken from something said in the podcast. My latest show though takes a tender turn, even if the title doesn’t immediately reflect that tenderness.

Ep 12 Tiny Nipples comes in three parts

Part one A story from the Toscano family archive: Grandma Toscano and the veneration of St. Joseph with Bread

Part two Elizabeth Jeremiah is alone during the Coronavirus lock down. Margery Kempe by Robert Glück is a book about a 15th Century holy woman opens Pandora’s box to deeper, passionate, sensual encounter with the divine.

Part three a sound slice from pre-Coronavirus Madrid, Spain.

Thanks to Pavel Nekoranec for making this photo available freely on @unsplash

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