Stinking Thinking Christians

The Gay Christian Blogger reflects on how many of today’s Christians do not use their mind to explore their beliefs

A sad fact is that most Christians today are not “thinking Christians.” Oh, they may have the most airtight apologetics arguments, but that doesn’t mean they’re thinking. To think critically is to go beyond the robotic responses to classic challenges. It’s to take two seemingly separate and different things and try to mish mash them to see how they can relate to each other, if they do at all, and learn from that mish mash. Since most believers believe that the Bible’s wisdom relates to most if not all of life, then thinking critically through the Bible means to take the Bible and work with its deeper nuances and meanings when they don’t seem to apply in any which way. Sometimes, it also means challenging old assumptions and rules.

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  1. Diana_CT on January 18, 2006 at 2:43 pm

    Unfortunately, I don’t think that being unable to relate to two abstract ideas is just limited to Christians. I think it is a malaise of our society, that the general population just cannot connect cause and effect, that with torture we become like them. The end justifies the means. They can’t see the results of that thinking or maybe that lack of thinking
    I think many religious people, whether they believe in the Bible, Koran, Torah or what ever, want a simpler time when everything was black or white with no shades of gray. That they see fundamentalism as their answer to simpler times, to open a book and all the answers to life are right there, no thinking required.

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