Speaking Up about Love Won Out

Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family focuses a lot on the gays (I sometimes think they should rename their organization Focus on the Faggot. I’m just saying.) Next week they will present their roving conference Love Won Out on their home turf. They have been traveling the country for several years trying to convince parents and pastors that not only is it wrong to be gay or lesbian (or anything but heterosexual and gender normative) but one can experience some sort of ‘change’ in orientation. They have softened their language over the years, but from recent eyewitness accounts, their out of focus message continues to misinform people looking for real answers.

In February a group of us from Beyond Ex-Gay (bXg) traveled to Memphis and partnered with local groups there to organize a public response to the Love Won Out that pulled into town. As survivors of ex-gay treatments, we know its important to let people know the other side of the story. What happens to the majority of people who consume ex-gay theories and practices? In our experiences these ‘therapies’ do more harm than good.

Christine Bakke, co-founder of bXg, and Daniel Gonzales, blogger with Box Turtle Bulletin, both live in Colorado and recently sat down for an interview about their ex-gay experiences and the Love Won Out message. Rev. Nori Ross, a pastor with the MCC in Colorado Springs, CO for 12 years also weighs in during this interview which will air soon on KGNU.

You can have a listen here.


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