Something New Coming Soon!

Those of you who follow this blog may have noticed that not much has happened here in several months. No doubt my ceaseless microblogging over at has kept me busy with my latest series, “And God spake unto me…” Here’s an example:

The Lord spoke unto me, “How am I supposed to know where your keys are? Have you checked your coat pocket? By the bed?”

But there have been changes afoot in my world both personally and professionally, and you will see a revamp of this blog soon and some new activity with new themes (and some old) that have captured my heart and mind.

In the meantime I leave you with this image I found on-line (credit Peeler and Rose). It captures a scene from a Bible story in Jeremiah chapter 38, the story of Ebed Melech, the Ethiopian eunuch who rescues the old prophet.

Oh, Edbed Melech, Black gender queer Savior, we beseech thee to continue rescuing old white men.


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