New Hamphisre Sat
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I think about the things we never say.
The longing
spilling out of your eyes,
the questions
that never reach our lips.

Firmly strapped
into your straight jacket
you smile and
gird yourself
for the day,
Keeping busy enough
not to think,
Fighting off feeling.

A lion tamer
with whip and chair,
beating back the beast
as the crowd
watches you breathlessly,
wishing to believe that
the man in the cage
no fear.

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  1. Jennifer on July 14, 2005 at 2:07 pm

    Ignoring the feelings that you don’t want others to
    or know you possess, hiding, making
    yourself invisible to the world. Scared shitless of
    the events to come in the future.
    Involuntarily conformed
    by society, forced
    to believe,
    act and talk conservatively but deep
    down there is the secret.

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