Through his original one-person shows, his lively lectures, stand-up comedy, and keynote addresses, Peterson offers up critical content through his engaging (and often hilarious) presentations about LGBTQ issues, gender, Bible, and Climate Change. His warmth and vulnerability help his audiences to open up, listen, learn, and dream. Some titles include: Transfigurations--Transgressing Gender in the Bible, Waking Up from a Biblically Induced Coma, and A Queer Response to Climate Change--What Would Walt Whitman Do?


From three days up to threes weeks Peterson has been invited for residencies at universities including Haverford College, University of Puget Sound, Virginia Theological Seminary, Warren Wilson College, and Cambridge University. He teaches classes in religion, theology, gender studies, environmental science, and social sciences as well as meets with campus groups. While on campus Peterson presents public performances that bring in a diversity of students and faculty as well as community members off-campus.


Peterson has designed and lead retreats, conferences, and workshops for groups throughout North America and Europe. These include church groups, young adult gatherings, LGBTQ weekend events, and academic conferences. A trained and skilled facilitator, Peterson comes with many proven activities, protocols, and resources designed to get everyone involved while also having a great time.


Peterson has served as a consultant for LGBTQ organizations, Offices of Sustainability, places of worship, and on media projects. He has worked with the Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and Soulforce on developing strategy and messaging to address LGBTQ oppression and provide a positive response. He's consulted places of worship on LGBTQ concerns as well as preparing for Climate Change. Peterson has also served as consultant on various film projects including the documentary, "This is What Love in Action Looks Like," and the UK Channel Four documentary, "Cure Me, I'm Gay," which exposed the harm of gay conversion therapy.


High schools, health agencies, chaplaincies, hospitals, departments of correction, activist groups, and places of worship have hired Peterson to design and lead trainings. Topics include: Promoting LGBTQ equality and justice, understanding and using non-violent communication, how to effectively speak to your opponent, strategies for harnessing social media, and how to design a positive and moving public action. Peterson has been pleased to lead trainings for the UK National Health Services (NHS), the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Soulforce Equality Riders, and schools and churches through North America and the UK.


Using a technique in which participants engage in a Biblical text through movement and theater, Peterson facilitates a fun, safe, and always insightful series of activities known as Bibliodrama. Groups are amazed at how much new ideas they draw out of well-known stories as they walk through the simple steps Peterson presents. No acting experience required--just your imagination. These activities are designed for people who know the Bible well and who have never read a page of it. Consider having Peterson come to your venue earlier in the day to facilitate a Bibliodrama, then perform one of his original productions in the evening.

Other Services:

  • Stand Up Comic
  • Emcee for Fundraising Dinners and Conferences
  • Workshop Leader
  • Media Appearances
  • Bible Scholar
  • Tap Dance & Tuba (but he’s rusty)