Seeing Eunuchs in the Bible

I have a thing for eunuchs in the Bible. I hate that preachers and teachers overlook them so much. These are sexual and gender minorities in the Bible. Not gay men and not transgender women, but they were decidedly “queer” in their times.

As non-procreative males who did not experience puberty, they stood out. In a world where it seemed everyone was part of a family unit, they were single. In a world where there were clear divisions between male and female, they were neither or they were both.

I ecourage Christians who are struggling with LGBTQ issues to do a study of the eunuchs in the Bible. Eunuchs take on many roles. They appear in many stories. They are often essential to the narratives, and they are celebrated.

Maybe because I’m gay these characters stand out to me. We often look for ourselves in the text. I encourage non-LGBTQ christians to look beyond their own experiences and use their imaginations as they read stories of eunuchs in the Bible.

Take some time to see people who are hidden in plain sight.


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