Russell G.

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26 years of quiet energy,
uncommon intelligence with genuine humility
and that dry, dry wit.

Old soul in such a young body;
such a young unformed body of writing to his name.

Arthur Miller died at age 89.
His first success as a playwright: age 33

Russell, snuffed out
Regardless of supplements,
Chinese herbal remedies,
Anti-viral inhibitors,
In spite of his husband Kevin’s love
and all our prayers.

I miss his handsome face,
his Eastern Tennessee drawl
which reminded me of large, lazy tobacco leaves
browning in the sun.

Who would dare plow under a field of knee-high sunflowers?

How you would have towered over us,
shaded and sustained us.

I mourn the words you will never write;
Russell, I mourn the loss of you.

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  1. Jennifer on February 14, 2005 at 8:10 pm

    I love your new blogs, especially the one about Russell.

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