Rumors of my blogging demise are greatly exaggerated

Seems I am no longer a blogger. Ah, crap, I just blogged that, so I guess technically I am still blogging. Bother!

I have not written in this blog for many months. In part it is because I experienced a significant shift in the focus of my work. Since 2003, I worked primarily around ex-gay related issues. By 2007 I began to take on concerns and topics beyond my own sordid ex-gay past and the Homo No Mo Halfway House. With Christine Bakke I co-founded Beyond Ex-Gay, and raised awareness about the needs of ex-gay survivors. I also researched gender non-conforming Bible characters and took on political topics like sexism . Still I talked a lot about ex-gay stuff.

But by August of last year, things changed. Morgan Jon Fox premiered his film about the protests of Love in Action and the subsequent closing of this notorious anti-gay youth program. The film, This is What Love in Action Looks Like, is now available on DVD through Amazon and can be viewed on Hulu, Netflix, or purchased for download through iTunes. (Available in the UK on May 28)

By early fall I announced that the Love in Action adult residency program also shut down followed by a complete rebranding of the program. The former director of the program, John Smid, began to offer a series of apologies, and in awkward Obama-like evolving fashion is coming around to standing up for LGBTQ equality while renouncing his former anti-LGBTQ oppression. In essence Love in Action is no more, and, as a result, my story at last had become historical.

And the implosion of the ex-gay movement in North America continues at a deliciously rapid pace. The efforts of so many activists, bloggers, community organizers, and ex-gay survivors have paid off.

In the interim since I last blogged, I have really taken to Twitter, and now do micro-theology (Jesus Loves You! Mary’s Mother warned her about leaving her bedroom window open at night) and snarky tweets about the Radical Hetersexual Agenda. PLEASE follow my @p2son Twitter feed. This year I premiered a new play, Jesus Had Two Daddies, which is a ridiculously serious look at the Bible and faith. It is semi-autobiographical, but much less about my ex-gay experiences and much more about my faith and five year marriage to a woman. I also take on the Bible, and somehow end up only telling stories about bloody genitals (turns out there are a lot of those in the Good Book.)

I have begun to post YouTube videos again and have three new ones: Revealed! Why Some Christians are Stuck on the Gay Thing, Not Your Grandma’s Bible Lesson–Flying Bits, and Revealed: The Sin of Sodom!! Warning GROSS You can these and more over at my p2son YouTube page.

In regards to the ex-gay movement, I am pretty much done talking about it here in the USA, at least in English. I recognize that there is a huge need to address gay reparative therapy and ex-gay ministries in Latin America. While they diminish here in the US, many of the disgraced leaders, like Richard Cohen, have picked up their tents and pitched them in Mexico and beyond. Next week I will appear on the Cristina P’lante Spanish-language TV program on Telemundo, and will talk about the harm of anti-LGBTQ treatments. I have also started a Spanish language Twitter feed–@UnSantoRareza and continue to blog in Spanish at Dos Equis.

Finally, I have resumed podcasting with Zack Ford. Through Queer and Queerer, Zack a vocal queer atheist, and I, a humble quiet Quaker 😛 talk about LGBTQ issues, religion, and pop culture. We try to keep the programs lively and around 30 minutes. Oh and some of my characters, like Marvin Bloom, show up. Wait until you hear about the new Ex-Straight Movement!

After the seismic shift of last summer and early fall with all the changes in my former ex-gay world, I sort of crashed and dropped off the radar a bit. I needed to regroup, and needed to assess my post-ex-gay life. I also snuggled in deeper with my partner and soon-to-be-husband, Glen Retief. There is a time to fight for a cause. There is a time to shift focus. There is a time to live one’s life. There is a time to seek new direction. I feel grateful for these important recent shifts in my life.


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  1. Ryan Hines (@rmhines) on May 21, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    Great blog post, non-blogger! I enjoyed your recap of what you’ve been up to recently. I always enjoy your updates!

  2. jharader on May 21, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    I’m so glad to hear of the collapse of the ex-gay movement in the US–and so glad tu hables espanol.

  3. Peter Leeson on May 22, 2012 at 5:10 am

    Welcome to the visible world. 🙂

  4. Auntie Doris on May 22, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    There is definitely a time to live one’s life. I still miss you though. A x

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