Road Journal–well rail journal

At 8.05 am I was supposed to board Amtrak’s California Zephyr at Denver’s Union Station, but because of fright traffic, switch signal issues (aka freight traffic), and possibly weather (10 inches here today), the train is delayed 5 hours. While I pull into Grand Junction too late for my tech rehersal, I am not bothered by the delay. It gives me a relaxed morning and a chance to sit with you and write this post. So there.

This is the last week of my three week Colorado Tour. Yesterday I attended Mountain View Friends Meeting in Denver yesterday to hang with my Quaker folk. After the hour-long meeting for worship (the first 40 minutes were blissfully silent), we had pot luck (which in Colorado may mean something different, but in this case was mostly vegetarian soup and casseroles.

This is my birthday week (50 baby!) so I am thinking of the year ahead, adventures and all the friends I’ll see old and new. But how are you? How is 2015 for you so far? What excites you and gives you hope today?

Peterson circa 1971

Peterson circa 1971


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