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I have a glorious day off where I am sitting around in my PJs doing nothing but eating Chinese food, watching DVDs and prepping for my high school gigs later this week. I am also catching up on my blog reading and want to share some goodies with you.

Spencer Huang, a first year student at Columbia College recently attended a workshop on “homosexual activism” in schools. It was sponsored by the very unfriendly Illinois Family Institute. He gives a thorough overview and shares his observations and insights.  Read Things I Learned at an Anti-Gay Meeting. Also check out Spencer’s amazing LGBTQ art site Lost2Found and consider submitting our own art or writing.

And speaking of families, Queer Brit writing for Queermergent wrote a piece entitled, Family As Idol In Conservative Christianity.

If you look at the book of the Acts, where people shared a common purse and lived together in extended friendship groups – it is all completely different from the ideal of conservatives with their 2.2 children, man at work and woman at home….  So where did this ridiculous situation come from?  Well, we all know it does not come from the Christian faith, more political and social forces associated with male patriarchal patterns of power.  The problem with such conservatives is that they cannot tell the difference between socio-cultural values and biblical principles.

John Pixley, who I know from the Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns has a blog called Queer3. He explains,

I’m John Pixley, and this is my blog, Queer3. I call it Queer3, because I’m queer in three ways: 1. I’m gay. 2. I’m severely disabled with Cerebral Palsy; hence, my physique, including my speech, is queer. 3. I’m a quaker (unprogrammed).

In a recent blog entry he writes about how he has become a Jesus Junkie.

Who knew I’d end up being a Jesus freak? And who knew it would take my being involved in an universalistic silent Quaker meeting after falling away from the Catholic church? And, later, coming out as a gay man?

Who knew I’d be down with Jesus and wanting to show it off after being embarrassed as a child when I was repeatedly pointed out and told I was special because Jesus would save a poor, unfortunate, crippled boy like me?

Read all of Jesus Junkie.

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