Are you a Rebel, an Advocate, or Something Else?

Learning from Ancestors

These days I am spending a lot of time assessing my role in the world. Seems there are concerns about justice on every front. Partly what I am doing to sort all of this out is to hear from ancestors and experts. I am currently reading a book about the early AIDS Crisis–How to Survive a Plague. There is a documentary that accompanies the book.

Watch the trailer to see how fierce the fight was and how much even more fierce the early HIV/AIDS activists were.

A Quaker Rebel

Recently I spoke with Eileen Flanagan. She is a writer, a social change teacher, a Quaker, and an activist.

Eileen Flanagan

Currently she is teaching activists about how to organize and to understand their role. She told me about Bill Moyer and his Strategic Framework Describing The Eight Stages of Successful Social Movement. She also shared with me the four roles that change agents have traditionally taken:

Amani Thurman

  1. Helper

  2. Advocate

  3. Rebel

  4. Organizer

In this month’s episode of my podcast, Eileen explains these roles and gives examples. I also speak with Amani Thurman, a college freshman with experience as a rebel and who has begun stepping into the role of an advocate.

Which role do you typically take?



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