Ray Sings, Vlad Cusses & I Talk Money

I got word today that Ray Boltz, a singer from the Christian Contemporary Music world who recently made waves when he came out gay, has a new song out that is available for free download on-line. Have a listen to Don’t Tell Me Who To Love.

Over at his blog Ray posts the lyrics, shares the process he took in writing the song,  and talks about the first time he sang the song in a very public way about a week ago.

On Saturday, November 15th, 2008 I sang this song before a thousand people who had joined together to protest the recent passage of Prop 2 in Florida. As I sang the words, “now there always will be hatred and voices that condemn, but I believe that true love is going to make it in the end,” I remembered a statement made by a beautiful black pastor at a conference I recently attended. She said that people of color did not receive equality because white people suddenly decided they were worthy of equality but rather when people of color decided they were worthy of equality. I hope this song encourages us all to say “I know what’s in my heart and that should be enough…don’t tell me who to love.”

Have a listen here. Hat tip to Carol Boltz.

Recently I had an interview with Nina over at Queer ¢ents, a site that declares, We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going shopping without coupons. Nina asked me 10 Money Questions including

  • 6. What are the financial benefits of living without a car and television?
  • 9. Have you ever made any money by writing poetry?
  • 5. How does the typical Quaker spend money?

and the number one question

  • 1. What will an ex-gay program such as Love In Action cost you?

She also asked me about Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House, my play about my de-gaying experience, and how folks can get it on DVD. (I love that question!) Those of you who have seen this play know that it features Vlad, a saucy guy from Russia. Well you have more Vlad coming your way soon! He also appears in The Re-Education of George W. Bush–No President Left Behind! I am pleased to announce that an audio version of that play will be available in hopefully less than three weeks and sold through Quaker Books (just in time for Christmas!) A CD is so much cheaper than a DVD, and you can imagine what Vlad is wearing (or not!)

Below is a clip from one of the last performances of Homo No Mo which I presented at James Madison University in the spring. In this scene Chad assisted by Vlad go through the rules of the program.



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  1. tavdy79 on November 21, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    “1. What will an ex-gay program such as Love In Action cost you?”

    Your time, your money, your career, your sanity and (in some cases) your life.

  2. GreenEyedLilo on November 23, 2008 at 2:16 am

    I love that Ray Boltz sang what is really in his heart in Florida. I’m glad he didn’t put his music away when he came out. If anything, I bet he’ll be more creative, as he doesn’t have to apply his creativity to preserving a lie.

    Tavdy points out that there are other currencies besides money, and ex-gay ministries demand much too much of all of them. But in these economic times, I like the message that, among other things, ex-gay programs cost too much! It’s far cheaper to live with yourself the way you are! The Queer cents site sounds like it’s right up my alley, so I appreciate the link.

    I’ve found that in NYC, L’Ailee and I can afford so much we couldn’t otherwise (including saving!) because we don’t have a vehicle. It was a hard sacrifice for a car-loving woman like me, but it’s worthwhile.

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