On Radiolab and Sacred Tension podcasts

As someone who podcasts and does radio production, I am always excited to connect with other folks working in audio. This summer was I walked into the studios of WNYC for a 3 1/2 hour interview with Jad Abumrad, the host of Radiolab, a show I have been listening to for years. He had no need to apologize for taking so much of my time. What a thrill to sit there chatting with him and seeing him work. The large, busy studios was Disney World for an audio geek like me.

Jad helped produced the special podcast series, Unerased, which looks at the history of conversion therapy. The podcast came out along side the motion picture, Boy Erased, the story of a young man sent to the Love in Action program that I attended. Jad wanted to know about the history of conversion therapy leading up to that moment. Jad included episode four of Unerased in his Radiolab series.

I also recently sat down to chat with Stephen Bradford Long, the host of Sacred Tension podcast. He had me on a few months back to talk about conversion therapy, but then knowing I am obsessively engaged in climate change work, he contacted me for a second interview to talk down off the ledge. He read the recent UN report on climate change and was freaking out.

While it has been important to speak out about conversion therapy, it really gets me excited to talk about climate change and the justice issues connected to it. Having experienced the trauma of ex-gay ministries, I know it is important to move away from just talking about that experience. Part of recovery is moving onto new interests, passions, and issues.

Have a listen to my conversation with Stephen Bradford Long


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