Queer Theology Synchroblog 2018

Every year Queer Theology invites LGBTQ+ folks to blog about a topic on the same day. I’ve been a frequent flyer of this program since it launched in 2011. This year’s theme is:

What does your queerness or transness call you to do and be in the world?”

Much like encountering Christ can be cause for “returning a different way” so too can being queer. How has your queerness affected how you go through life, how you navigate your faith, and what you are called to do and be?

At Church Madrid, Spain

I’m a sucker for tomb stories, so I wrote a piece for Meetinghouse.xyz about a bizarre tale where Jesus encounters a man who lives in the tombs. This person is isolated and troubled. Jesus relieves the man’s sufferings by hurling a bunch of demons into a herd of pigs. What is extraordinary about the Matthew version is that narrates the story of two men living in the tombs together. This raises so many questions for me.

Is their violent behavior just a ruse to keep prying eyes away from their life together? Did they recently rehab a tomb, making it warm and cozy, and there they chat and drink tea until they are interrupted by nosey, intolerant townspeople? How did they meet? Were these men pretending all the time just so they could live together? Were they two troubled people who found comfort in each other in a world that did not know how to help them or accept them? We will never know. Tombs are places of mysteries. What happens in the tomb, stays in the tomb.

image from Orthodox Christianity site

You can read the rest over at Meetinghouse.xyz

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(Original featured art at the Clifford Still Museum by Christine Bakke)


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