Queer and Queerer Podcast Ep. 80 Toto, We are not in Kansas Anymore

Very occasionally Zack Ford and I podcast. This week was one of those occasions 🙂

Zack and I have new stories to tell about foreign worlds. My new projects addressing climate change are not getting the warmest reception in LGBT spaces, nor are there many LGBT people at the climate change conferences I’ve attended. Likewise, Zack attended his first atheist conference, speaking at the American Atheists national conference in April, and similarly observed that queer people were simply underrepresented. What’s it like being queer in these accepting yet strangely uninclusive spaces? Oh, and Marvin Bloom’s around somewhere too.

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Here’s some more information about what we talked about this week:

» Watch all the panels from this year’s American Atheists conference, including Zack’s on Atheism and LGBT Activism!



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