Queer and Queerer Episode 18 The Queers are All Right

Peterson and Zack come out to the movies! Get it? Come out? Today they discuss the new film “The Kids Are All Right,” starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as a lesbian couple whose kids make contact with their interloping sperm donor. “Outraged” is also on topic as the Queer and Queerer duo reflect back on discussions about political outing now that they’ve seen the film. Below, in the notes are suggestions from friends and listeners about all kinds of amazing queer films to check out! Never underestimate the power of film.

For our 20th episode, we want you to ask us ANY questions you have. Start submitting them now on Twitter or at zackfordblogs@gmail.com. We’ll remind you again next week.

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Here’s some more information about what we talked about this week:

Filmmaker Tom Murray who passed away last week. We will miss you!

The Lesbian Mafia interview with Kirby Dick, director of Outraged

The Lesbian Mafia Review of The Kids Are All Right

Dan Savage “The Stranger” Podcast discussing lesbians who “go straight”

Steve Hayes The Tired Old Queen at the Movies The Celluloid Closet Peterson queried people via Facebook and Twitter:

For LGBTIQ folks & Allies: What film(s) has been helpful to you in coming out/becoming an ally.

Here are some responses:

From Twitter:
  • lilithvf1998 … Um, almost every film with a supposed trans character in it has made me reconsider coming out. Dare I list them all? Rocky Horror? The Crying Game? Silence Of The Lambs? Ticked-Off Tr*nn**s With Knives? There has yet to be a film positive enough
  • mayanorange A Single Man is a really beautiful love story that rings true… it transcends genders involved, doesn’t bow to stereotypes, etc…
  • SabrinaGeek would love to find films to show her mom. Best she found so far is Transamerica
  • lilithvf1998 replies: I can’t even endorse that one FWIW. The closest I can manage is The World According To Garp–and not even then really.
  • SabrinaGeek I especially need to avoid docs that show cases of violence / abuse/ death as they will trigger my mom- almost non-existant!
  • JTWilliamson I really enjoyed the movie Latter Days

From Facebook

  • Chloë, Jude & Oshee: Ma Vie En Rose–Belgian film about a family’s struggle to accept their child’s gender.
  • Immanuel : I don’t know if it counts, but there was a tv serial in Sweden called Dårfinkar & dönickar when I was a kid. It’s about Simon/Simone, a “girl” who is “mistaken” for a boy when “she” moves to a new school. Simon and Brandon Teena in Boys Don’t Cry were the only FTM role models available for many years. It’s depressing to think of Brandon Teena’s fate, so I’ve identified a lot with effeminate guys instead, like Billy Elliot. Not MTF characters, but male-identified sissies.
  • Karen : You know, my mind went back over a lot of great movies (“Latter Days” is a favorite.) But when I tried to think about when I was first becoming an ally, back in the wayback, what popped into my mind was Billy Crystal’s portrayal of a gay …man in the TV show Soap. It was so moving and sympathetic. I hadn’t realized it until now, but looking back, I know that made an impact. About that same time was a made-for-TV movie called That Certain Summer, about a boy whose dad was coming out as gay. I think that probably affected my outlook too. A movie I saw recently that might be helpful is called Inlaws and Outlaws.
  • Jude : Before Night Falls
  • Michael : The Wizard of Oz, Making Love, In and Out.
  • Deric : Raspberry Reich. A little artsy, but hearing Marcuse being quoted while two cute guys got it on was particularly stirring for this radical queer.
  • Micah : But I’m a Cheerleader, Saved, and Fish Can’t Fly (not just sucking up, I swear! 🙂 )
  • John : Paris is Burning.
  • Roger : A made for TV movie that is now out on DVD Doing Time on Maple Drive with a great cast too.
  • David : Maurice (1986). Bloody brilliant film based on the novel by EM Forster, inspired by his own experience as a closeted gay man in Edwardian England. It was written around the time of WWI, but was never published until after his death, in the …1970s. The film gave me the courage to come out. The filmmakers were Ismael Merchant and James Ivory (A Room with a View, Howard’s End etc), who were real-life romantic partners. Ismael sadly died in 2005.
  • Steve : Steve Flower Making Love, Torch Song Trilogy, An Early Frost (first AIDS movie I remembered). Broken Hearts Club, an indie film titled Shelter, Latter Days (a big one, for anyone with a religious background), Beautiful Thing, Edge of Seventeen. I was a junkie for teen coming out movies, even though I was 48 when I started to come out
  • Kellie : TV rather than film but I have a huge diary entry from when I was a teenager watching ‘My So Called Life‘ and it had a massive impact on making me question the official Christian line on being gay. I loved Ricky so much I couldn’t accept the idea that God wouldn’t love him too :O) That’s when I first became an ally, aged 14.
  • Shirley : Kellie I also loved Ricky. That episode about him and the drama teacher! What a wonderful wee actor. Wonder what he’s doing now.
  • Oshee : More of my favorites: Canadian movie about a professor at a Christian college falling in love with another woman]; Different For Girls (British movie about a Trans Woman); Normal (American movie about a Trans Woman coming out later in life); Better Than Chocolate (Canadian movie with a whole cast of LGBT characters)
  • Tom : The scene in Cabaret when Brian (Michael York), as the Baron lights his cigarette and they hold on to that gesture and touch for just a split second longer than would others — and I just knew what that was “code’ for. Recently saw C.R.A.Z.Y., and while not exactly my experience, much of it was pretty close and there were enough similarities that it brought back some bittersweet and difficult memories. Not to mention that could have been my wardrobe the main character wears as he comes of age. Scary!
  • Fran : ‎For the Bible Tells Me So— documentary interviewing young gays and lesbians and their families, talking about how they have dealt with their sexuality. Really wonderful discussions about the Bible and gays– and some heart wrenching stories as well. Highly recommended, and a great place to start a discussion with a mixed group.
  • Katie : Orlando, and Wonder Boys
  • Melanie : I loved Antonia’s Line, a beautiful Dutch film about a matriarch and her family, including a lesbian daughter.
  • Casey : Fish Can’t Fly
  • Carlos : As trite or antiquated as it may sound, Boys in the Band. Oh, and Get Real.
  • Jake : Later Days
  • Oliver : Chutney Popcorn (great lesbian film)
  • Angela : Claire of the Moon, Go Fish, and Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love (more great lesbian films)
  • Oshee : Some more : Desert Hearts and Female Perversions” starring the fabulous Tilda Swinton
  • Twister :  Show Me Love (Fucking Åmål)
  • Sadelle : Pouquoi pas moi
  • Jenessa : Imagine Me and You and Fire

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  1. Sandi TLM on August 4, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    Loved Garden State!

    Great movie list.

    Really appreciate the mentions.

    Enjoying the cast, subscribing in iTunes now 🙂

    GoFish also features the same story of a Lesbian sleeping with a man. It was perhaps an interesting story to tell 25 years ago, one. LOL


  2. Sandi TLM on August 4, 2010 at 8:49 pm


  3. p2son on August 5, 2010 at 6:59 am

    Sandi, so glad you are listening to the pod. I have been enjoying yours after my friend Joe Gee turned me onto it.
    I forgot all about the “bi” scene in Go Fish. Over at Facebook a bi woman I know said that the “bi” character got trounced from the lesbian characters for her actions. I need to rewatch it now.

  4. Jendi on August 5, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    Great episode. Thanks for the shout-out to Northampton MA – “where the coffee is strong and so are the women!” LOL.

    Favorite gay film: “Latter Days”
    Also recommend: “Priest” (beautiful, tragic, complex British movie about gay priest)

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