Queer and Queerer Ep. 4 – The British Episode! – Discrimination, Free Speech, and Torchwood

We made you wait a FULL week, but Peterson and Zack are back with a British episode of Queer and Queerer! Zack has been watching Doctor Who and Torchwood, but that’s not why we’re doing a British episode. There have been a lot of stories coming out of the UK about Bed & Breakfasts discrimination, employment discrimination, and freedom of speech in regards to religion, so we tackle it all! Also, prompted by a comment from a listener, we address the word “lame” and the fact that it has creeped into our vernacular despite being an offensive term. And yes, Torchwood is hot.

The Queer and Queerer Podcast! The British Episode

Listen to this week’s episode:

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Here’s some more information about what we talked about this week:

» BBC: Grayling suggests B&Bs should be able to bar gay guests

» Religion Clause: British Appeals Court Rejects Plea For Special Panel To Adjudicate Religious Rights Cases

» Telegraph: Christian preacher arrested for saying homosexuality is a sin

» Zack’s post on the May Day Repentance Rally

» Peter Leeson’s Blog


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  1. cary on May 6, 2010 at 6:29 am

    oh the accents. priceless. feel free to do that every ep. 🙂

    re: faux oppressed minority claiming victimisation. outside govt buildings in Dublin last week i saw two protesters holding signs against same sex marriage. one of them held a sign that said:

    Homosexual Marriage Is An Attack on Christian Values!

    i didn’t bother to read the other guy’s sign in detail. it was huge given the amount of stuff on it & presumably designed to back up the other one’s claim. one glance & i caught SIN and sodomites and Leviticus and a string of biblical verses. ie. the usual.
    but back to the first guy. an attack? errr, really??
    i just sighed and walked on by. and then later wished i’d stopped and said something.
    several hours later and i’m ranting:
    does this man actually imagine “the homosexuals” are sitting around in darkened rooms rubbing their hands with evil menace and plotting? “oh we have to attack those Christians. we have a cunning plan: let’s get married. that’ll **really** offend them.” (cue evil laugh)
    truly, the mind boggles. where do you begin? this is SO irrational! ie. this was **my** usual. 😉

    my other (southern 🙂 ) half calmly listened to said rant and then suggested next time i see them i should whip up my own sign and go stand beside them. his suggested slogan?

    No. It isn’t.


  2. p2son on May 6, 2010 at 9:06 am

    Cary, glad you like the ass accents. (Playing with new adjectives you know).

    Did you hear about the women protesting gays in Colorado. She had a sign that said something against gays as she stood their with a severe looking corduroy skirt. Someone wrote a sign and stood next to her: “God hates corduroy!” Love it. It shows just how ridiculous the whole thing is proclaiming God’s opinions on a piece of paper.

    BTW, you should know we gays do have secret lair where we meet to plot the downfall of God-loving families, but whenever we get together we get distracted by the bar and then just all have a wicked orgy and plan on destroying the family the next day. One day we will get to it I’m sure, but we really could do with redecorating the lair first. It’s so winter 1997.

    Zack and I are recording tomorrow. Not sure what yet, but that hasn’t stopped us yet 😛 Maybe I’ll do a Russian accent for you.

  3. J Doe on May 10, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    ^Trufax. Also, cary, would you be interested in our New Queer referral package? You get a thirty-day satisfaction gurantee, or your heterosexuality back! I need to fill out my recruitment quota for the month or I’ll lose my membership card 🙁

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