Queer and Queerer Ep. 15 – Hottest Queer Destination? Fort Worth, Hell, or Other _____?

Zack and Peterson come to you with travel advice! First up: An in-depth analysis of the reactions from church groups to pro-LGBT policies in Ft. Worth, TX. Where are they coming from and how should we feel about their complaints? Then, it’s the listeners’ turn to chime in! See where Queer and Queerer listeners think are the best places to be gay, lesbian, trans, and/or queer. As episode 15 rolls on past, we still leave you with the lingering question of who is queer and who is queerer?

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Quotes from the Facebook friends about best LGBTQ places to live and visit:

Michael Trey says:

As a previous lesbian and a current trans man, I have really only lived one place – Tampa Bay – I have survived as both! I haven’t traveled since transition except to Disney for a weekend and as a trans man it was the most comfortable experience I have ever had in regard to bathrooms. Sounds weird but being around so many other cultures, confident in my own identity for once – I realized that the US is much more concerned with bathrooms and who uses them, than the rest of the world!

Sarah says:

I guess for me it has more to do with the sense of community and less with queer-kindness of a place. Ability to walk down the street holding another woman’s hand without turning heads means less if I don’t feel like I can authentically connect … See Morewith the community. I certainly want both, but for “best” places to live, it has to be the place where I can be real without hesitation and be deeply known.

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